How can you add beauty and function to your backyard? For maintenance-free change to designing your outdoor living space, we employ cutting edge techniques and classic materials to provide you with custom walkways to your garden, alternatives to traditional concrete or asphalt driveways, and stunning patios to encapsulate your fire pit, patio set, or anything else you can imagine! We can custom install from flagstone to RumbleStone, from brick to board! You have some fun choices for your landscape in Colorado Springs. Here are some of our pathway offerings:

  • Brick & Rumblestone drive and walkways
    • Let us transform your driveways and walkways from a plain look to a natural look.
  • Flagstone patios + firepit
    •  Naturally flat, flagstone is a perfect decorative floor for your patio. We can also make a decorative edge for an in-ground fire pit.
  • Raised and sunken decking
    •  Our landscape in Colorado Springs usually has a few levels. Work with it and create raised and/or sunken decking.
  • Garden, shed, greenhouse walkways
    •  Why have a dirt path or boring walkway to your garden creation? Let’s make a walkway as lovely as your garden.
  • Siloam stone steps & stairways
    •  Siloam stone comes in many colors. Choose a mixture for the steps to the different areas of your yard.
  • Concrete, Wood, and Composite porches
    • What’s your style? Our designers can show you how different materials will look for your porch

Your gorgeous new walkway can lead to a koi pond, a serene spot to enjoy a book, a natural spa, or a lovely garden. Clearly, there are several things we can create your new backyard haven. We invite you to meet Jake’s awesome team of experts and take a stroll through our design and execution process. When you are ready, send us a photo of your yard and we’ll get started. Jake’s Design’s has been doing landscape in Colorado Springs since 2000 and we are sure that we can turn your yard in to the oasis that you’ve been daydreaming about.