A beautiful, functional landscape starts with a well thought out plan, and ends with perfected installation technique that brings that landscape to life. Jake’s Designs follows a strategic landscape design/build process to ensure that we are held to the highest standard with our clients and that we are able to meet all of their requirements.

  • Goals & Objectives

    What do you want to incorporate/accomplish?

  • Site Analysis

    Measure site, analyze drainage patterns, views, privacy, sun azimuths, circulation patterns, etc.

  • Precedents

    Is there a particular style that you are trying to attain? (pictures and references welcomed and encouraged!

  • Preliminary Design

    Present a scaled drawing incorporating all of the aforementioned components along with our creative ideas.

  • Material’s & Options

    Present the different plants and material options (boulders, mulch, rock, etc.) that will be visually appealing, cost effective, and suitable for your environmental needs.

  • Estimate on Cost

    We will provide you with an approximate estimate of cost. Upon finding an agreeable medium between cost and production, we will move to the final steps of the process.

  • Final Plan

    After presentation, adjustments will be made to the preliminary plan as needed. A complete planting layout will also be designed and other materials incorporated.

  • Contractual Agreement

    Upon agreement of the final plan and associated costs, Jake’s Designs will then draw up a job-specific contract that is suitable to both parties.

  • Landscape Installation

    We always begin our installation with a Utility Locate to ensure the safety and sanctity of your property. Our Landscape Design & Installation team will then begin laying out and installing the design to ensure that you have a well put together landscape.

  • In Conclusion

    With this thorough process, we can offer you the comfort of knowing that there will be no stone left unturned and no surprises in the middle of your job, We will have done our homework and prepared appropriately before your project has begun. You know what to expect, and we know what to deliver!