As Colorado often provides the most stunning of elevation changes, even from backyard to backyard, modern-day construction yields to these changes the possibility for erosion and runoff of valuable water resources. Not only will a breath-taking natural stone wall add to the aesthetic value of your outdoor living space; it will also provide you with resource-saving avenues for planting beds, seating around a sunken fire pit patio, or retention of a once sloped lawn!

Please peek over our walls in our photo gallery. We have dozens of photos to show you how our Colorado Springs landscapers are making our city more beautiful with several types of walls:


  • Erosion and water runoff mitigation

Let our expert landscapers start here. Let’s be sure you aren’t allowing unwanted pools that could turn into costly repairs. If you do want a nice water feature, we can build that!

  • Natural stone retaining walls

Retaining walls are sometimes functional to dictate the water flow, yet can also enhance the terrain and look of your space.

  • Decorative walls

The options are endless with a decorative wall. Mix different stones to create a design, add windows, or even hang art or plants from the wall for a stunning look.

  • Boulder pocket walls

A gorgeous and unique look where plants grow out of the pockets in the wall(s).

  • Moss rock veneer walls

As it grows, moss on a rock wall will be a growing favorite feature to your backyard.

  • Brick structural walls

Let us design a safe fire pit with a nice wall and footrest. Structural walls can also be used to highlight planters.

Where can we build a decorative or necessary wall to transform your lawn in to your dream yard? What are your concerns? Our skilled Colorado Springs landscapers and designers can make it a reality. Send us photos of your yard and tell us where you’d like to add some stone walls to your backyard.