What would make your home’s front, back, and side yards more peaceful –more beautifulserv-water to you, your family, and your guests? Few things are more relaxing and therapeutic than the refreshing sound of a mountain spring, babbling brook, flowing waterfall, or rushing canyon river. Hearing, seeing, and feeling water reminds us of day trips to the lake, camping by a stream, and vacations to theocean. You have a lot of choices when choosing a landscaping companies in Colorado Springs. Jake’s Design’s has been in business since 2000 right here in Colorado Springs. We know the terrain and the ever-changing weather here. We know what works well through our seasons (sometimes all in one day!) and makes a yard look beautiful.

Take a dip in to our portfolio to see some of the gorgeous water features we’ve created here in Colorado Springs. Choose your favorite water feature(s) and you can have a calm haven at your own home – just outside of your back door. Whether your interest is in a custom-installed, pre-fabricated fountain or the appearance of a natural river careening by your patio, we can bring nature’s calmest creation to you! We have an extensive variety of customizable water feature choices for your backyard’s water feature(s). These can be created together or alone:

  • Natural boulder streams
  • Fabricated fountains & bubblers
  • Recessed brick water ways
  • Garden & Koi/Goldfish ponds
  • Waterfalls and stone fountains
  • Natural spa/hot tubs

Create your dream front and back yards with one of the favorite landscaping companies in Colorado Springs. Whether your area is big or small, or whether you want just want to add one new feature or five, please contact our landscape designers to get started on your backyard sanctuary. We’re glad you’re here and we’d love to talk to you about your landscaping ideas.