Do I need to water my Colorado landscape plants in the winter

YES! You certainly do! Colorado is known as an arid climate with times of minimal moisture year round, including winter. All your landscape plants can greatly benefit from winter watering twice a month from October-March. Not only will winter watering reduce the risk of losing plants through the winter, but it will also help them thrive when the next growing season is upon us.

When do I water?

There are 3 simple rules for when to water during the winter in Colorado
  • If we haven’t had moisture in a couple of weeks….get out there and water!
  • If the temperature is above 45 degrees….get out there and water!
  • If there is no sitting snow on the ground around the plant….get out there and water!

How much do I water?

First off, a slow, deep penetrating water will do your plants the most good so apply it as slowly as you can. Here is a general rule of thumb as to how much water your plant needs.

  • Perennials and ornamental grasses – 2 gallons per watering
  • Small shrubs 3’ and under – 5 gallons per watering
  • Large shrubs over 5’ – 15 gallons per watering
  • Trees – 10 gallons per caliper inch. Caliper is the diameter of the trunk of the tree 6” up from the ground. So for example, a 2” caliper tree will need 20 gallons of water.
  • Lawn - A good, through soaking of your lawn is always a good idea as well.

How do I water? My sprinkler system has been drained and is turned off!

Well folks, this is where you really show your love for your plants and the investment you have made in them. You’re right, you don’t want to re-pressurize your sprinkler and go through all that hassle trying to drain it out again. You will have to drag the old hose around to water your plants. Be sure to drain and disconnect your hose upon completion so it doesn’t freeze up and burst the hose or spigot. This isn’t the easiest way to do this, but again, your plants will thank you for this by showing themselves off during the growing season.

Now you know, so get out there and water in the winter! Your plants and your yard are sure to be a hit this coming growing season by following this simple outline!