What is Xeriscaping and why is it so popular in Colorado Springs? It is not Zeroscaping as most confuse the pronunciation and meaning. “Xeri” is the Greek word for “dry” and of course scape is derived from landscaping. This term and landscaping technique was coined by Denver Water Dept. in the in 80’s to promote and push for a more water conserving landscape technique. Xeriscape in Colorado Springs has become very popular and takes a specific step process to be successful.

  1. Layout & Design
  2. Proper irrigation, perfectly designed and maintained
  3. Utilizing Mulch where needed
  4. Correct soil Preparation
  5. Efficient Turf layouts
  6. Water efficient plant material
  7. Correct Maintenance

We specialize in many areas of landscaping, making us able to fill all your needs. One in particular is Xeriscape landscaping. This is a type of landscape that not only can give you a beautiful landscape but help fill the need for higher demand on water conservation. From bold crushed granite entry-ways to the use of drought-resistant perennials and sods/grasses; we can help to reduce the pressure of water consumption while still keeping your paradise green!

As one of the top Xeriscape Colorado Springs companies we have made it our goal to ensure the a “low water use” plan does not feel like a restriction. Xeriscaping can be done by using a water system called a drip zone. Emitters that allow different gallonage are installed which allows a consistent and exact flow of water, known as a drip. Though if certain plants need a lower gallonage then we can create a system to fit around their needs. However, after a few years in Colorado most of these plants can survive on their own, without a consistent watering.

For years Jake’s Designs has been serving the Colorado Community with Xeriscaping. To find out more on how we can help bring a beautiful, Unique, water efficient landscape to your home, or business call us today!

  • Low-water planting
  • Drought-resistant grasses
  • Rock planting beds
  • Dry river beds & runs
  • Stone works