Celebrate the Season With Winter Landscape Design by Jake’s Designs

The past few weeks have brought tremendous change to our country as we all work together to prevent the spread of The beautiful state of Colorado is known and appreciated for its diverse, idyllic scenery and energetic vibe. Snowcapped mountains and bustling skylines serve as a backdrop to vibrant communities dotted with comfortable luxury homes.

The bright, changing seasons are one of the reasons so many are drawn to the area. Colorado’s winters may bring freshly fallen snow one day only to be followed by sunny, warm temperatures the next. The variable weather provides ample opportunity for Jake’s Designs to design and create your ideal backyard landscape even in the winter months.

Homeowners who seek to expand their living spaces to include the outdoors don’t have to pause when the cold weather comes. Jake’s Designs is Colorado Springs’ all-season landscape contractor ready to make your winter landscape design dreams come true.

Winter Is The Prime Time For Landscape Design Planning

Get an early start on your Spring landscape design projects by consulting with local professionals ahead of time. Frosty mornings offer the perfect opportunity to outline your wish list and prioritize your ideas and budget allowances. Taking advantage of the off-season months to design your landscape is as smart as it is time-saving.

The team at Jake’s Designs is familiar with the changing terrains and weather hardiness zones in Colorado. They can help you envision your personalized spaces and secure needed permits before the groundbreaking begins.

Winter Is Ideal For Installing Hardscape

Hardscaping refers to the non-living elements of your landscape design including patios, outdoor fireplaces, and retaining walls. While you might wait for the warmer weather to start planting, it is not uncommon to complete or install hardscape features even in the colder months. Here are some hardscaping ideas you might want to consider when the temperatures drop:

  • Patios — Building a patio in winter is often less damaging to existing plants and grass. The cold and frost protect underground plant roots which could be damaged if the ground is softer. 
  • Fire pits Stay toasty and warm by the glow of a fire pit this winter. You don’t have to wait until spring to add an inviting fire element sure to be a favorite with family and friends.
  • Walkways The experienced landscapers at Jake’s Designs can determine if weather conditions are right to install paths or walkways. Professional winter maintenance keeps walkways safe and free of possible damage.
  • Retaining WallsThere is no better time to install retaining walls than in the winter months. It helps avoid the settling of water at the base of your property where damage could occur. Retaining walls redirect water away from your home improving drainage when springtime melting begins.

Construction of your hardscape features in the winter is less intrusive than in the summer months since most entertaining is done inside. And don’t forget the cost savings. Often there are better deals to be had on materials during the off-season making it the perfect time to get started on your winter landscape design.

Include An Outdoor Kitchen In Your Winter Landscape Design

Expanding your living spaces to include an outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be a warm-weather project. You don’t have to wait for temperatures to rise to get started. The landscape architects at Jake’s Designs understand the region’s climate diversity. Jake’s design team collaborates with homeowners to determine the best placement and options for optimum functionality.

Jake’s Designs has winter experience and the specialized knowledge needed to tackle cold weather outdoor kitchen projects. They can help homeowners choose the right appliances for both long-lasting performance and aesthetic appeal. The builders know how to work with a variety of materials always keeping in mind the challenges of cold climate conditions.

Regional know-how makes all the difference. From custom grills to pizza ovens to top-of-the-line countertops, you will be ready to entertain guests in your own outdoor kitchen as soon as the mercury begins to rise. Jake’s Designs’ professionals have designed and built a wide range of custom outdoor kitchens throughout the Colorado Springs area with fantastic results.

Your Winter Landscape Design Is Enhanced With Landscape Lighting

There is no better time to install landscape lighting than when the days are shorter and the long nights benefit from illumination. Scheduling your backyard lighting projects for the winter months means faster completion and the unmatched joy of well-lit winter scenery. Here are four good reasons to install outdoor lighting fixtures in the wintry times of the year:

  • Safety — Winter can be wet and slippery so it is smart to line your walkways and driveways with proper lighting. Avoid tripping in the dark after a long day by lighting up the way.
  • Scenery — Give your backyard a dazzling effect with elegantly-lit foliage and strategically-placed spotlights. Your landscape comes alive at night when illuminated. You just might find yourself looking out the window often in appreciation of your backyard world.
  • Welcoming — Turn on the patio or porch light to make your home an inviting respite from the cold. Family and guests will feel welcomed and secure as they approach your beacon of light.
  • Cheer — Create interest and cheer after the holiday lights are gone with customized lighting by Jake’s Designs. Our landscape lights are weather-resistant keeping your backyard environment glowing brightly all winter long.

Winter Landscapes Shine With Jake’s Designs

Jake’s Designs is the Colorado Springs area’s most trusted, high-end landscape contractor. We go out of our way to provide quality results for consistent customer satisfaction. We work with homeowners all over the Colorado Springs area including the communities of Flying Horse, Chipita Park, and Monument as well as other surrounding communities.

Our custom-designed landscapes are built with state-of-the-art construction techniques for long-lasting outdoor habitats you will love. Our comprehensive list of services also includes the following landscaping options:

  • Xeriscaping — Landscaping in Colorado’s arid climate benefits from water-saving xeriscaping. With the use of smart irrigation principles and native drought-resistant plants and grasses, your landscape is as stunning as it is practical.
  • Water Features — Attract birds and wildlife to your backyard with a mesmerizing stream or water garden. Jake’s Designs has over 18 years of experience designing and installing beautiful water features in a variety of Colorado Springs landscapes.
  • Landscape Drainage — Protect your home and land with Jake’s professional landscape drainage services. They know the challenges of the state’s terrain and can offer functional yet attractive solutions to any drainage issue.

Jake’s Designs takes an environmentally-friendly, sustainable approach to each and every project. We recycle excess materials as much as we can and donate the rest. We are recognized as one of the area’s most creative and innovative landscape architecture design firms. We believe homeowners deserve exceptional service and provide a strategic start-to-finish process for ultimate peace of mind.

Contact us anytime to get started on your winter landscape design plans. You can use our easy online form to get a free estimate without obligation. Let us know how we can help you attain the high-quality outdoor living landscape you always wanted.