How Much Does the Installation of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Cost?

How Much Does the Installation of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Cost?

During our consultations with clients and discussing with them their dream landscape, quite
often on that list will be landscape lighting. However, often times once we discuss what the cost
of a nicely planned lighting design will cost, it is the first item the client will remove from their
dream landscape. We are here to reverse this trend!!! (standing tall, pushing chest out, hands
on hips, and looking to the left). We are here to give you the information you are searching for
about landscape lighting.

Reasons to Keep Landscape Lighting on Your Dream List.
(Or Why Do I Want Landscape Lights?)

Installing landscape lighting can be a significant investment. However it is an investment that
pays off in two areas…the beauty of your home and the safety/security of your home. The first
area of payoff is the primary goal of most clients. They want to accentuate the beauty of their
home. A well-executed outdoor lighting plan can enhance the architectural details of the home,
accent landscape features, create outdoor entertaining areas, and add an abundance of curb
appeal. By adding outdoor lighting you extend the time you can enjoy the great outdoors and
the beauty of your landscape. With landscape lighting your party doesn’t need to move indoors
when the sun goes down.

The second area of payoff is often over looked when deciding whether or not to keep landscape
lighting in the project…Home security. Think about it for a minute….the same well designed
landscape lighting system that is adding to the architectural interest of the home and beauty to
the landscape is also deterring break-ins and theft from your property.

General Costs

Landscape lighting systems are relatively easy to figure out and any designer should be able to
provide you with a good estimate on site….for the most part. I say for the most part because
there are many variables that can effect the price. What manufacturer do they use? What size of
wire is being used? What capacity transformer is being estimated? Are the light fixtures LED?
Click on this link for more details on the questions you should ask a designer to make sure you
are getting a good lighting system

Here at Jake’s Designs we only use commercial grade lighting products (never from a Big Box
store). We only use LED lights unless the client prefers incandescent lights. The cost of a
landscape lighting system will vary widely from client to client and project to project. You can
plan on an average of $200-250 per fixture with wire and labor included. The only other cost
would be the purchase of the transformer. An average sized transformer that will be able to
cover most landscape lighting systems would be around $450. Our transformers come with
timers and a photocell that will automatically turn your lights at dusk and keep them on for a set
time set by the homeowner. One last factor to consider is the availability of an GFI outlet. If
there is not one readily available either in the garage or in the exterior of the home, a licensed
electrician will be needed to add that outlet.

If you are looking to add to the beauty and safety of your home by investing in a landscape
lighting please contact the professionals at Jake’s Designs today. (link to consultation set up

If you happen to be someone that opted to remove the lighting plan from your initial
project….you can breath….all is not lost. Landscape lighting is easily added to an existing and/
or mature landscape. Call us today for an over the phone consultation and estimate.